Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Penthouse living

And now, for some luxury of a different kind, this is where Mrs Blog and I sleep when we're not staying in luxury safari tents.

This is our very own homemade roof-top tent - actually made by Mrs B on her sewing machine in the loungeroom of our two-bedroom flat back home.

This is the dry season configuration, using only a shadecloth A-frame tent to keep the bugs and bird pooh away. When it rains the whoe structure is covered with an enormous waterproof tarp.

It's cool, lightweight and very practical. Nothing like sleeping on the roof of your Land Rover under the stars. These pics were taken in the newish Tsendze 'rustic' camp in the Kruger National Park. Rustic means that it doesn't have electricity or a bottle shop.

And here's a nice shot of Tonka, the unstoppable Series III Short Wheelbase Land Rover, looking very rakish with his shiny new wheel rims.


bec said...

I'm trying to think of what this reminds me...

It's not the Toad's gypsy caravan.

It's not the Beverly Hillbillies driving to town in the opening credits.

There's something slightly Tardis-like in the arrangement, but it's not Dr Who.

I think it may be Green Eggs and Ham:
"Would you eat them sleeping over
"The roofracks of a Land Rover?"

Crafty work, in any case.

Hann said...

Well what can I say ... you guys certainly have an adventure spirit. My neighbours in SA did the same when they went to Tanzania. Is it comfy enough?

ali g said...

showed it to Tigger..he likes the other one better

meggie said...

My daughter's idea of heaven!

Herr Doktor said...

Commend MrsB on the sewing, a great job. What a life! Wonderful drink some beer for me!