Friday, August 17, 2007

Testing, testing, this is Africa calling...

It's official - I have the shiniest gearbox in all of Africa.
Mrs Blog and I collected Tonka, the trusty Series III Land Rover from Dr Eric the mechanic the day before yesterday in suburban White River (Witrivier to you, Hann).  Tonka was looking cleaner than ever, and very rakish with his new blindingly white wheel rims, new springs, new 'Safari' (whatever that means) shock absorbers, and spare wheel carrier.
Most important of all, Dr Eric had fitted the new gear box.  "It's the wrong colour," he said. 
"It should be gold with what you've spent on it."
Nice one, Dr Eric. After meeting the doctor's neighbours, Harry and Michelle, a lovely couple (thanks for the red, I owe you a book, Harry), we adjourned to the surgery's back yard in suburban White River (Witrivier to Hann).  Over a beer to celebrate Tonka's recovery, the doctor's uncle (let's call him Leon, not his real name), mentioned that he was keen to do a road trip north into the heart of Africa.  He'd already spent two years in the Congo some years ago, he said.
"Were you working?" I asked.
Nosey former journalist that I am, I said "Doing what?"  Uncle L was a jovial man with a kindly demeanour.  Perfect uncle material, if ever there was.
"I was a mercenary."
Proof, Legion of Fans, if it were ever needed, that that I will never run out of ideas or characters for books set in Africa. 


bec said...

That's just how I like my mercenaries. Jovial and uncle-like on the surface, cold-hearted killers in their souls.

What's he charge?

bec said...

Did you know your font changes when you're in Africa?

How odd.

tonypark said...

I email-blogged that last post, so that may account for the changed font.

Re your post re interest rates elsewhere on this blog - call me when they hit 17.5 per cent. Until then, cowgirl up...

Africa sends her best. Am lining up second hand 4wd for you and the Prof to purchase. Trust me.

ali g said...

Gosh, I remember back in the recalcitrant days when in my financier capacity I was thought a great bloke for re-writing 16.5% loans down to 12.5% and was given bottles of scotch in appreciation. My how the times have changed but we were all cowboys back then.

bec said...

The world needs more Ali G's, I reckon.

Hann said...

Tony and Nicola, great to hear you guys arrived safely and got the hmmm golden tonka back!

meggie said...

A real life mercenary! Just what a good book needs!

ali g said...

Thanks Bec....Mrs G thinks one is more than enough..noticed her eyes going slightly glassy as she read your fine words..The thing about getting those bottles of scotch is that I hated the stuff so being the good son, used to give it all to my poor old mum which, now in retrospect, was probably what set her on the road to perdition