Saturday, August 04, 2007

Saturday morning...

...after the Thursday night launch of the new book, 'Safari' ($32.95 RRP in all good bookstores). Finally able to string a few words together. But that's all. More details when the photos arrive.

I've been doing a little bit more blogging on the Getaway Magazine website. Back to bed for now, though, I think.


bec said...

I've immortalised my launch hangover in this week's Root Shoot Marry.

So glad you suffered too. I mean that in the nicest possible way, of course.

(And Hi Ali G! Lovely to meet you on Thursday night)

Herr Doktor said...

Hope the book launch was a doosey,
shame I'm still waiting for my invitation.....!@#$%^
When is the Perth launch? Let me know and I'll organise the lads.
Herr Doktor

tonypark said...

Danke Herr Doktor..

Velcome to zee world of zee blog. We'll have a special launch for you and the boys in Perth one day - my charming, attractive, witty, well-read and single publisher wants to meet a lad from your side of the country.

tonypark said...

Which reminds me... the last time I felt as sick as I did after the book launch was after a consultation with you over a braai and 1.5 million beers, Herr Doktor.

bec said...

The words "Park", "pimp" and "publisher" are rolling around my still-tender brain looking for a sentence to live in.

Probably best if I don't. Cate's lovely - what did she do to deserve you?

ali g said...

Dear Bec nice one chatting with you brief that it was. She who must be obeyed was sorry she didn't get to say hello again as she was held up a fair while in the ladies line waiting to snog the author.
Finished the book [Safari]am thinking of writing one myself now ...perhaps called "Cat in the Pants'

Hann said...

Must be a good thing then that we couldn't come LOL!
Sounds as if you guys had a great time, that's great to hear.
But ok, I'll talk softly now...