Sunday, August 12, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane

All our bags are packed (well they're not, actually, and I'm already in trouble for blogging instead of packing); we're ready to go...

OK, not quite ready to go, but you get the picture. Mrs B and I leave for Africa tomorrow. I'm excited about starting work on Book 6, and alternately longing and dreading taking Tonka the Land Rover for a test drive (following his major surgey, including gearbox transplant).

Last night was Bec's (she of the blog comments) surprise 40th birthday. From what I recall, I had a great time and hope she did, too. She's a good friend, as is her husband, the Professor.

Blogging from Africa will depend on our internet connection. If I'm not here, I'll be on my other blog at


bec said...

And yes, a great, great time was had by all, thanks to having such an amazingly conspiratorial bunch of friends and wonderful husband.

I have some blurry pictorial proof to compensate for our collectively blurred memories.

Travel well. We'll see you back here on the other side, 2008.

Hann said...

Happy B'day to Bec!
Travel well and safe guys, you are sooo in our thoughts. By the time you are back I might pop over too? Still in the plans.

meggie said...

Good luck for the next book, & safe travels!

Glad you had a great time in Sydney town!

ali g said...

see you shortly over there in the Kruger. mrs g bought her safari pants today... looks very Jungle Jane with a slight touch of Sheena queen of the jungle.

My float said...

Hey, Tony and Mrs Blog, it was great to see you both at Bec's. Have a great time, and blog on!