Thursday, August 23, 2007

Busy, busy

Ploughing through the edits on Book 5 today, as I need to get the manuscript back to my editor, S (who, I was pleasantly surprised to learn, is a closet Elvis movie fan).  We had a long and deep discussion about the merits of G.I. Blues over Blue Hawaii at my farewell lunch.
The attractive, intelligent C, my publisher, who is approaching the very prime of womanhood, is also waiting for the book, so I can't spend too much time blogging.
In fact, I've just blogged at about today's animal sighting of note, so I should not spend anymore time here at all.
Thanks to you all for your comments and yes, the roof tent is very comfy thank you.


bec said...

Does C buy it when you deliver lashings of compliments instead of your completed edits?

Inquiring minds seek to know.

ali g said...

good one with the completed edits however praising a good sort nether hurts in the lashings department

ali g said...

sorry 'never' to many chardonnays once again